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Terra means Earth, and “Sinne” means Cuisines. Terrasinne is a social enterprise in Pune that champions conscious living on multiple fronts. Our dedication to promoting a healthier lifestyle and our commitment to empowering specially-abled individuals who manage our operations sets us apart. We have embraced the farm-to-table concept as the foundation of our culinary endeavors, prioritizing health and sustainability.
As reported in the 2011 census, our country has 2.68 crore people living with disabilities, creating an environment that offers equal opportunities and a space where specially-abled individuals can work and thrive with dignity. We have taken this mission with unwavering dedication. Our ethos revolves around true empowerment, which we believe can only be achieved by breaking down barriers stemming from factors like literacy and background.

Our innovative programs, rooted in behavioral analysis and tailored to address various physical challenges, have yielded impressive results. We proudly have successfully trained individuals representing Hearing, Blind, and Mental disabilities. All the employees working at Terrasinne are children of farmers from Maharashtra and Karnataka. We also support farmers by sourcing organic millets and converting them into mouth-watering dishes, propagating nutrition, and the importance of indigenous and local food.

But Terrasinne's mission doesn't stop at empowerment alone. We are equally passionate about nourishing the body and soul of our guests. Our cuisine draws inspiration from global flavors, but the heart of our recipes lies in locally sourced produce. Our founder, Dr. Sonam Kapse, a cancer genetics and healthcare innovation specialist, ensures that our kitchen does not use preservatives, additives, or unhealthy ingredients. We are proud to have collaborated with 200-plus farmers, helping us in our propaganda of farm-to-table food. We craft our cuisines with an unwavering commitment to nutrition and taste.

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The Terrasinne-Kitchen & Bar is in the city's heart - On the famous F.C Road of Pune.


Fresh Ingredients from Farm to Table

Terrasinne uses fresh ingredients from organic farms—experience melt-in-the-mouth dishes from our organically sourced vegetables and millet.


Inclusivity and Empowerment

Terrasinne employs cutting-edge training techniques supported by scientific expertise, unconventional methods, and integration into mainstream society by providing a platform that upholds their dignity. Our priority lies in empowerment rather than just seeking job opportunities.


Indian and Global Cuisine

Our menu offers preservative-free dishes in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines, including Indian, Tandoor, Italian, Mexican, Asian, and American options. You'll have plenty to choose from!


Party or Event Destination

Our restaurant is located strategically and can cater from 25 to 160 people. Whether it is a family party or a corporate event, we cater to everyone!

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At the Terrasinne restaurant on FC road in Pune, specially-abled
staff run the show

They are all above 21 years of age and are farmers children from villages of Maharashtra and Karnataka. We are also sourcing organic food material like millets used in the restaurant from these farmers, says Dr Sonam Kapse, cancer genetics super speciality surgeon turned restaurateur and owner of Terrasinne

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Our Social Impact

Our journey has been chanllenging but the rewards have been sweet!

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Testimonials - Food & Concept

Happy Guests Happy Us

Amazing experience

Amazing experience with well mannered staff members. I specially loved the concept of integrating disabled people as waiters. This is an true example of empowerment. Good work Terrasinne- you enhanced my dining experience.


Subhranil Maji

Good place with Chicken katsu

We were just looking for a good place with Chicken Katsu. That along with the ramen and the dessert were amazing. The flavours were all well-defined and none were overpowering. Even drank the broth at the end.


Arjun Ajith

I was excited to try out this place and was not disappointed at all.

All serving staff is deaf and mute. And they do a fantastic job, you have to communicate with them in sign language. The menus guide you through how to communicate in sign language. Of course if you need you can talk to manger. The idea is commendable.


Shruti Kulkarni

Lively place

Lively place , nice ambience, fast service. Good thought in employing such people having hearing and listening disabilities. They provide quality food and a wide variety available.


Ankur Borje

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International, farm-to-table specialties & desserts
dished up in an airy, laid-back venue.

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