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Terrasinne is a socially conscious venture that advocates for conscious living at multiple levels. Managed by specially-abled individuals, the farm-to-table concept is at the core of our operations. Our founder, Dr Sonam Kapse, a cancer genetics and healthcare innovation specialist, ensures that our kitchen does not use preservatives, additives, or unhealthy ingredients.
With 2.68 crore people with disabilities in India, as per the 2011 Census, the government is striving to create a barrier-free environment for them to have equal opportunities and lead a life of dignity. At Terrasinne, we are dedicated to promoting true empowerment by breaking down barriers of literacy or background. Our scientific programs, based on behavioral analysis, physical shortcomings, and innovative training models, have successfully trained six different disabilities. Our goal is to cover the majority of disabilities in the future.

Terrasinne is also committed to offering nutritious food options to our guests. Our globally inspired cuisine is made with locally sourced produce, including tacos and pasta. According to a study by investment banking services firm Avendus Capital, the health food industry in India is projected to reach $30 billion by 2026.
As a socially responsible enterprise, Terrasinne aims to promote inclusive and healthy living through our unique approach to dining. We believe in empowering the disabled community and creating a better future for all.

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At the Terrasinne restaurant on FC road in Pune, specially-abled
staff run the show

They are all above 21 years of age and are farmers children from villages of Maharashtra and Karnataka. We are also sourcing organic food material like millets used in the restaurant from these farmers, says Dr Sonam Kapse, cancer genetics super speciality surgeon turned restaurateur and owner of Terrasinne

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